Key to Future Libraries

Key to Future Libraries.

Libraries are in the middle of a massive disruption right now. That much is known by pretty much everyone. Like the newspaper industry, they’re looking to technology and other methods to enhance their offerings and resources while feeling the pinch of smaller budgets. (Sound similar to schools and pretty much every other industry?)


So what are libraries actually doing right now to turn themselves into the perpetually useful spot to dig up the best research, find help with your education, and the many other activities they’re so well known for?

For one, the general public is relying on the free services offered by libraries more than ever before. Whether that’s due to the economy or not, it’s a good sign that the future of libraries is bright as long as they’re accurately steered in the right direction.


3 responses to “Key to Future Libraries

  1. I totally agree with this article. At the risk of sounding cliche, there is a saying that goes, nothing remains the same, change is the only constant. Libraries have to make big investments into technology and other modern resources in order to remain relevant in this era.

  2. Libraries will forever be important. They are the source of documented historical events, developments, legislation and stories that must be the platform on which future generations make improvements to society.

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