Would Libraries Live forever?




7 responses to “Would Libraries Live forever?

  1. Public Libraries are necessary for the development of society. It allows the ones less privileged to access recent and relevant information to motivate and enhance their lifestyles.

  2. of course it would.with good knowledge comes great power.and should be used to fight against evil.

  3. I believe libraries will live on for organisation, with the ease of access through the advancement of technology..

  4. Let’s face it the library is under threat from the web and the speed with which the web can access information. Though this threat is apparent, the library holds significant importance as it is able to legitimize much of what the web is unable to.
    For instance within dedicated research, library documents and books are irreplaceable. Academic, philosophical and historical researchers are the prime user of such paper and print document available at libraries across the globe. This is so, mainly because, libraries tend to acquire and maintain historical material for reference.
    Another aspect of the library that should not go unmentioned is the fact that their staff is dedicated to their task. Expert advice, suggestions and recommendations are beneficial in pinpoint relevant data that may be needed to complete a research project, demographic report or even a family tree search. This type of expert advice is lost and bugged down within the web, as there is minimal certainty as too information is validity.
    I will close by saying that the web is in fact a tool that has transformed information sharing forever but the library with its abundance of printed documents and expert staff is here to stay. Possibly even transformed in such a way to integrate the both aspect to achieve what some may call a ‘super library highway’ effect.

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